99 Songs (2021) – Movie

Director: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy
Release Dates 16 April 2021
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Cast: Ehan Bhat, Edilsy Vargas, Tenzing Dalha, Lisa Ray

Synopsis: Directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, 99 Songs marks the debut of Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman as a writer and producer and introduces Ehan Bhat and Edilsy Varghese. 99 Songs follows the journey of a youngster named Jay, whose life centres around his two great loves: music and his girlfriend Sophie. When his artistic aspirations get in the way of his relationship, Jay finds himself faced with the toughest challenge of his life. What follows is a journey of heartbreak and redemption of loss and faith, and an ode to the timeless power of love and music…..Read More

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